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Grade 6 Protists and Fungi
Protozoa translates to
  1. animals.
  2. one animal.
  3. first animal.
Kindergarten Main Idea CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.K.2, RF.K.4

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What is this book about?
  1. animal names
  2. animal sounds
  3. animal homes
  4. animal foods
Grade 4 Nouns
Choose the correct possessive noun.
the homes of the animals
  1. the animal's homes
  2. the animals homes
  3. the animals' homes
  4. the animal's home
Grade 4 Zoology
Invertebrates are always
  1. animals without backbones.
  2. complex animals.
  3. simple animals.
  4. animals with backbones.
Grade 4 Zoology
Grade 3 Evolution
What cannot be told by fossils?
  1. what the animal ate
  2. how the animal moved
  3. size of the animal
  4. color of the animal
Grade 1 Basic Measurement Concepts
Grade 6 Food Chains and Webs
A herbivore is a consumer that eats
  1. plants.
  2. animals.
  3. both plants and animals.
  4. neither plants or animals.
Grade 11 Environmental Science
Environmental Scientists study interactions between
  1. animals and their environment.
  2. humans and their environments.
  3. humans and animals.
  4. animals and their habitats.
Grade 6 Cell Structure and Function
What are the two main types of cells?
  1. animal and prokaryotic
  2. prokaryotic and eukaryotic
  3. animal and human
  4. animal and plant
Grade 6 Food Chains and Webs
A carnivore eats what?
  1. plants.
  2. animals.
  3. both plants and animals.
  4. neither plants or animals.
Grade 2 Food Chains and Webs
Which of these describes plants?
  1. food only for animals
  2. food and shelter for animals
  3. shelter only for animals
  4. food and toys for animals
Grade 1 STEM Words CCSS: CCRA.L.5, L.1.5, L.1.5b
monkey, kangaroo, penguin, ostrich

What trait best describes the words above that does not describe the words below?

elephant, giraffe, dog, cat
  1. animals at the zoo
  2. animals with that walk on two legs
  3. animals that walk on four legs
  4. animals at the farm
Grade 7 Food Chains and Webs
Grade 4 STEM Words
an animal that is hunted by another animal
  1. poisonous
  2. prey
  3. predator
  4. pounce
Grade 4 Food Chains and Webs
An animal that is eaten by another animal is
  1. a carnivore.
  2. an omnivore.
  3. prey.
  4. a predator.
Grade 4 Food Chains and Webs
After the Sun, a food chain starts with
  1. animals that eat grass.
  2. animals that eat other animals.
  3. plants that eat animals.
  4. plants that make their own food.
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