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Grade 4 Verbs
The cat is                 the bird with caution.
  1. approach
  2. approaches
  3. approaching
  4. approached
Grade 8 Vocabulary
The music            affected           deeply as it reminded him of a sad time.
The            animated           puppets in the musical The Lion King are amazing.
It is time once again for the Brown family          annual         barbecue.
The fireman climbed to the top of the             apparatus            to spray water on the blazing fire.
The crack in the wall was            apparent           to the renter. He wasn't going to receive his deposit back when he moved.
Students voted in the fall to           appoint          student council members.
Our house was going to be            assessed           to determine the property value by an evaluator.
The last time I made an           attempt           jog a mile I thought I was going to pass out.
During the winter time, people on my road have to            approach           the curves with caution.
When your vehicle needs a part, it is important to purchase the               appropriate              part or it won't work.
We scraped by each other driving                 approximately                10 miles an hour and didn't scrape mirror.
People exclaimed with glee when the judge made the             arbitrary            decision to take the innocent man off death row.
While we all see things differently, one          aspect         cannot be denied, everyone has a different brain and viewpoint.
After her father walked the bride down the aisle, the minister asked, "Who has the             authority            to give this woman to be wedded to this man?"
Jocks are so            arrogant           sometime. A little humbleness goes a long way.
Continuing Education Atmosphere
What instrument approach is considered a precision approach?
  1. VOR Approach
  2. LOC Approach
  3. ILS Approach
Grade 5 Spelling
Never                a wild animal.
  1. upproach
  2. approache
  3. aproach
  4. approach
Grade 5 Spelling
Carefully                 the dog.
  1. aproach
  2. approache
  3. approach
  4. approch
Grade 10 Sequence of Events CCSS: CCRA.R.5, RI.9-10.5

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The author largely uses which organizational approach to get his point across?
  1. A chronological approach
  2. A sequential approach
  3. A compare/contrast approach
  4. A cause/effect approach
Grade 11 Thermodynamics
On which approach to temperature is the Kelvin scale based?
  1. thermodynamic approach
  2. kinetic theory approach
College Public Health
What is the preferred approach to designing public health interventions to reduce health disparities?
  1. Improving the average approach
  2. Highest risk approach
  3. Both are equal, neither one is preferred
  4. The individual behavior modification approach
Grade 12 Bowling
There are many different approaches when getting ready to release your ball. In class we went over one of the _______________ approach.
  1. 3 step approach
  2. 4 step approach
  3. 5 step approach
  4. walk up, stop, look, and release the ball
Grade 5 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. aproach
  2. approach
  3. approche
Grade 4 Spelling
to come near to
  1. approach
  2. aproach
  3. approash
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. aproach
  2. approche
  3. approach
Grade 7 Waves and Sound
From the doppler effect lab, when the car was moving towards us, we heard a high pitch from the horn. Why was that?
  1. As the car approached us, the sound got louder causing a higher pitch.
  2. As the car approached us, the wavelength increased.
  3. As the car approached us, the wavelength decreased.
  4. As the car approached us, the frequency decreased.
Grade 5 Planetary Motion
The table shows the sunrise and sunset times for a location over ten days.

Which conclusion about the amount of daylight can be drawn from the data?
  1. The amount of daylight is increasing, so winter is approaching.
  2. The amount of daylight is decreasing, so winter is approaching.
  3. The amount of daylight is increasing, so summer is approaching.
  4. The amount of daylight is decreasing, so summer is approaching.
Grade 4 Spelling CCSS: L.4.2d
Choose the correctly spelled SPELLING word.
  1. approach
  2. aproach
  3. appraoch
  4. aprroach
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