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Grade 2 Defining Words
An assistant is                                 .
  1. something that is not done right
  2. a great surprise
  3. to make quiet and still
  4. a person who helps
  5. a person who works in a library
  6. willing to wait
College Public Health
39.EAP means
  1. employer assistance program
  2. emploee assistance program
  3. equal assistance program
  4. emploee aid program
Continuing Education Types of Jobs
Grade 4 Defining Words
To assist or aid
  1. broke
  2. walk
  3. help
  4. rescue
None Medical Practices
What is the difference between assisting and administering a medication?
  1. there is no difference
  2. assist is to help; administer is to give
  3. administer is to help; assist is to give
  4. HHA never assist or administer medications
Grade 7 American Revolution
The Writs of Assistance
  1. allowed colonial women to buy British cloth at reduced prices.
  2. allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods.
  3. helped colonists pay for imported tea.
  4. helped each colony prepare its own charter and form its own legislature.
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