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Grade 10 Vocabulary
Grade 9 Lab Practices and Tools
What type of balance is shown?
Lab Tool - Electronic Balance
  1. spring balance
  2. analytical balance
  3. top loading balance
  4. triple beam balance
Grade 10 Drawing
Formal Balance is another word for which type of balance?
  1. Asymmetrical
  2. Radial
  3. Symmetrical
  4. Geometric
Grade 7 Fitness
What is balance?
  1. ability to run
  2. ability to maintain equilibrium
  3. ability to get along with others
  4. walking down the hall
Grade 12 Vocabulary
balanced proportions
  1. esoteric
  2. extol
  3. symmetry
  4. reprove
Grade 5 Forces and Motion
An example of balanced forces is
  1. a person skating back and forth on an ice rink.
  2. a tire with treads gaining speed on an icy road.
  3. two soccer players running in opposite directions.
  4. a book resting on a desk.
Grade 8 US Government
Checks and balances help to...
  1. elect better presidents.
  2. pass laws more quickly.
  3. pay members of Congress.
  4. control the use of power.
Grade 11 Lab Practices and Tools
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