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Kindergarten Colors
Kindergarten Colors
Kindergarten Colors
Kindergarten Colors
Grade 6 Defining Words
  1. fluster
  2. frayed
  3. fundamental
  4. glade
Grade 6 Cell Structure and Function
Kindergarten Counting and Comparing Numbers CCSS: K.CC.C.6
Grade 12 Acids and Bases
Graduate Acids and Bases
Grade 12 Kinetics and Equilibrium
Consider the equilibrium reaction of acid indicator HIn:

HIn [math]harr[/math] [math]H^(+)[/math] + [math]In^(-)[/math]

[math]K_(In)[/math] = Ionization constant of the indicator

Which of the following represents a correctly written expression to calculate the concentration of hydrogen ions?
  1. [math][H^(+)] = K_(In) [/math] [Acid form]
  2. [math][H^(+)] = K_(In) [/math] [Acid form]/[Basic form]
  3. [math][H^(+)] = K_(In) [/math] [Basic form]/[Acid form]
  4. [math][H^(+)] = K_(In) [/math] [Basic form]
College Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
Which of these is a rate limited function?
  1. acidic
  2. basic
  3. filtrate
  4. glucose
Grade 11 Acids and Bases
Grade 5 Cell Structure and Function
Grade 10 Acids and Bases
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