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Grade 10 New Imperialism
Grade 10 Colonial Period

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Grade 10 American Revolution
Grade 11 WWII
Which two countries were the first to declare war on Germany in World War II?
  1. Italy and Green
  2. Britain and France
  3. Britain and Poland
  4. France and Italy
Grade 10 African Imperialism
Laurier's compromise during the Boer War issue was to:
  1. equip and send the Canadian army to help Britain
  2. send money to Britain
  3. build ships for a Canadian Navy to help Britain
  4. equip and send volunteers to help Britain
Grade 11 US History

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What countries participated in the Allied invasion of Normandy?
  1. US, Canada and Great Britain
  2. US, USSR and Australia
  3. Great Britain, France, and Italy
  4. Great Britain, Canada and France
Grade 11 WWII
What was the result of the Munich conference?
  1. Britain and France refused to allow Hitler the Sudetenland
  2. Britain and France did nothing
  3. Britain and France agreed that Hitler could take the Sudetenlan
  4. Britain and France declared war on German
Grade 11 WWII
The outcome of the Battle of Britain was considered a
  1. victory for Britain
  2. victory for Germany
  3. victory for neither
  4. a minor conflict
Grade 9 Modern China
As a result of the Treaty of Nanjing, Britain was
  1. forced to stop all trade with China and Japan.
  2. paid millins of dolloars worth of Chinese silk, tea, and porcelain
  3. unable to balance its trade with China.
  4. given the island of Hong Kong, among other concessions.
Grade 9 European Geography
Great Britain contains the country of
  1. England
  2. Scotland
  3. Wales
  4. All of the above
Grade 5 Colonial Period
What action did the First Continental Congress take?
  1. It broke away from Britain.
  2. It sent a petition to Parliament.
  3. It declared war against Britain.
  4. It compromised with Britain about the Intolerable Acts.
Grade 4 Early National Era
What did Britain do at sea to American sailors that lead to the War of 1812?
  1. Britain attacked and sank non-military ships
  2. Britain attacked military ships
  3. Britain captured ships and forced our sailors to work and fight for Britain
  4. Britain forced our sailors to sell their belongings without charging any taxes
Grade 9 Exploration
Which two countries focused mainly on settling South America?
  1. France and Portugal
  2. Portugal and Great Britain
  3. Great Britain and Spain
  4. Spain and Portugal
Grade 10 European History
What treaty ended the Seven Years' War?
  1. Treaty of Paris
  2. Treaty of Ghent
  3. Treaty of Tordesillas
  4. The Peace of Westphalia
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