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Grade 11 Personal Finance
The zero-based budget is the best method of budgeting because:
  1. This type of budget is less complicated than other types of budgets
  2. A zero-based budget allows less money for wants
  3. Sticking to a zero-based budget requires less discipline
  4. The zero-based budget ensures that every dollar you make is assigned a specific purpose
Grade 9 Personal Finance
What is a budget?
  1. income you have earned
  2. taxes you have paid
  3. a plan for your money
Grade 11 Personal Finance
Grade 11 Personal Finance
Budget category for food.
  1. groceries
  2. entertainment
  3. utilities
  4. miscellaneous
Which term describes the situation when a country's imports exceed its exports?
  1. Budget deficit
  2. Budget surplus
  3. Trade deficit
  4. Trade surplus
Grade 10 Business Technology
What is the margin of a budget?
  1. the most realistic estimate of your actual worth
  2. the amount of money you could lose without loss of profit
Grade 3 Social Studies
The money a business makes is called what?
  1. expenses
  2. supply
  3. profit
  4. budget
Grade 8 Personal Finance
Graduate Personal Finance
Which of the following is not one of the basics of budgeting?
  1. Pay yourself first by saving
  2. Stick to your budget unless something unexpected happens
  3. Make it a priority to give
  4. Live on less than you make
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