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Grade 3 Canadian Geography
Where do most Canadians live?
  1. in northern Canada
  2. in southern Canada
  3. in central Canada
  4. on the Pacific Coast
Grade 3 Canada
Canada is divided into                          .
  1. states
  2. kingdoms and duchies
  3. commonwealth
  4. provinces and territories
Grade 3 Canada
The capital of Canada is
  1. Toronto
  2. Ottawa
  3. Quebec
  4. Edmonton
Grade 4 North American Geography
Grade 3 Canada
Today, Canada is                          .
  1. a colony of Great Britain
  2. a part of great Britain
  3. a colony of France
  4. an independent country
Grade 11 Social Sciences
Grade 5 Commas
Which sentence is correct?
  1. Winters in, Ontario Canada, are extremely cold.
  2. Winters in Ontario Canada, are extremely cold.
  3. Winters in, Ontario Canada are extremely cold.
  4. Winters in Ontario, Canada are extremely cold.
Grade 3 North American Geography
What three countries are in North America?
  1. Canada, United States and Mexico
  2. Mexico, Canada and Spain
  3. North America, Canada, United States
  4. England, Spain, Cananda
Grade 2 North American Geography
Grade 5 Canada
Grade 9 Canadian Geography
Canada is commonly called:
  1. The Great White North
  2. The Wheat Belt
  3. The New World
  4. NAFTA
Grade 5 Canadian Geography
What is Canada's capital?
  1. Toronto
  2. Ottawa
  3. Quebec
  4. Vancouver
Grade 6 Canadian Geography
Grade 7 Canadian Geography
Grade 3 Canada
Canada's top official is the                .
  1. President
  2. Prime Minister
  3. King of Canada
  4. Governor
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