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Grade 9 Tenets of the Catholic Faith
Catholics believe that:
  1. God speaks through the teachings of the magisterium.
  2. everyone must do exactly what the Pope wants.
  3. scripture should be read and followed exactly.
  4. the experience and opinions of other people are irrelevant in moral decision making.
Grade 6 Renaissance and Reformation
During the Reformation, Christians split into what two groups?
  1. Jewish & Catholic
  2. Catholic & Protestant
  3. Monotheists & Polytheists
  4. Baptists & Protestant
College Christianity
The word "Catholic" means:
  1. sanctity
  2. universal
  3. holy
  4. unity
Grade 10 Defining Words
instruction in the Catholic faith
  1. tangible
  2. feisty
  3. grunion
  4. catechism
Grade 8 Colonial Period
New England Colonies were established by what two religious groups?
  1. Pilgrims and Puritans
  2. Christians and Catholics
  3. Quakers and Christians
  4. Catholics and Pilgrims
Grade 9 Christianity
Grade 7 Christianity
A member of a Catholic religious order
  1. Protestant
  2. Friar
  3. Preacher
  4. Viceroy
Grade 7 Canada
Missionaries came to Canada to establish this religion:
  1. Protestant
  2. Jewish
  3. Baptist
  4. Catholic
Grade 7 The Diary of a Young Girl
Anne's family was which religion?
  1. Jewish
  2. Muslim
  3. Catholic
  4. Christian
Grade 10 Modern Europe
Which groups allied themselves with the Nationalists?
  1. Catholics
  2. Anarchists
  3. Monarchists
  4. Communists
Grade 8 Christianity
Which of the following organizations insisted that the Catholic Church was anti-American?
  1. the Catholic Church herself!
  2. American Anti-Catholic Association
  3. Congress
  4. American Protective Association
Grade 6 Islam
The Qur'an is the holy book of which group of people?
  1. Jews
  2. Protestants
  3. Muslims
  4. Catholics
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