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Grade 7 Anatomical Organization
What are the two divisions of the nervous system?
  1. Central and Lower Systems
  2. Central and Peripheral Systems
  3. Lower and Cerebral Systems
  4. Central and Muscular Systems
Grade 11 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Grade 11 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
What are the two types of hypogonadism?
  1. primary and central
  2. primary and dorsal
  3. central and secondary
  4. superior and inferior
Grade 10 Social Studies
In a Federal system of government, the power is (there can be more than one answer)
  1. distributed from the central government
  2. shared by the central government and state and local governments
  3. held by the central government and not shared
Grade 6 Ancient History
A strong central fortress.
  1. Citadel
  2. Corridor
  3. Granary
  4. Courtyard
Grade 11 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
The central nervous system
  1. is the largest and most prominent region of the human brain.
  2. consists of the brain and the spinal cord.
  3. is the second largest region of the human brain.
  4. regulates activities that are autonomic, or involuntary.
Grade 6 Summer of my German Soldier
The central conflict of this story is:
  1. Peter's girlfriend, Lise, is killed before they can marry.
  2. Annemarie must face the truth about her Aunt Birte's death.
  3. The Jews and ordinary Danish citizens face a serious struggle against the evil Nazis.
  4. Coffee, meat, and other food supplies have been rationed due to the war.
Grade 7 Character Study
Grade 8 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Grade 9 Economics
A centrally planned economy is a
  1. Traditional Economy
  2. Market Economy
  3. Command Economy
Grade 7 The Bully
The central idea of The Bully is that:
  1. fighting is the best way to solve a problem
  2. you should pick on others before they have a chance to pick on you
  3. the only way to overcome fear of something is to face it head on
  4. the only way to be a real man is to hire John Cena as your full time bodyguard
Grade 9 Economics
A centrally planned economy is a
  1. traditional economy
  2. market economy
  3. command economy
  4. mixed economy
Grade 11 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Which is the correct order of the parts of the spinal cord from exterior to interior when viewed in cross-section (transverse)?
  1. central canal, gray matter, white matter
  2. gray matter, white matter, central canal
  3. central canal, white matter, gray matter
  4. white matter, gray matter, central canal
Grade 12 US Laws and Amendments
A centralized system in which all powers of government belong to a single central agency.
  1. Presidential Democracy
  2. Unitary
  3. Confederate
  4. Representative Democracy
Grade 9 Australian Geography
The                       is located in the south central Australia.
  1. Barkly Tableland
  2. Great Victoria Desert
  3. Kimberley Plateau
  4. Simpson Desert
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