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None Grammar
Continuing Education Baking Skills
Identify the type of chocolate unsuitable for ganache as it will cause it to separate.
  1. milk chocolate
  2. chocolate chips
  3. dark chocolate
  4. white chocolate
None Special Occasion Words

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Grade 5 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
What does Charlie win at the end of his tour of the factory?
  1. An Oompa Loompa
  2. A Chocolate Waterfall
  3. The secret chocolate recipe
  4. The entire chocolate factory
  5. None of the above
Grade 9 The Outsiders
Continuing Education Culinary Math
Halve this ingredient: 1 1/3 cup semisweet chocolate.
  1. 2/3 cup semisweet chocolate
  2. 1/2 cup semisweet chocolate
  3. 1 cup semisweet chocolate
  4. 1/4 cup semisweet chocolate
Grade 5 Spelling
Grade 3 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
What scared Veruca Salt in the Chocolate Room?
  1. a bee
  2. a little person
  3. a chocolate wave
  4. a walking chocolate bar
Grade 3 Fragments and Run-ons CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.3.1i
Which sentence is not a complete thought?
  1. With chocolate icing and sprinkles.
  2. My favorite dessert is chocolate cake.
Grade 2 Adverbs
None Special Occasion Words
Grade 10 Culinary Skills
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