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Grade 9 Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
Smoking, tanning, running, diet, drinking alcohol. These can be classified as...
  1. lifestyle choices
  2. positive life style choices
  3. negative lifestyle choices
  4. prevention of disease
Grade 11 Synonyms
The synonym of effort is:
  1. attempt
  2. chance
  3. choice
Grade 5 Spelling
Which word is spelling correctly?
  1. choice
  2. chioce
  3. choiec
Grade 4 Types of Sentences
Grade 11 Life Skills
The last step of the decision-making process is:
  1. listing your choices
  2. stating the problem
  3. evaluating the results of your choice
  4. getting information
Grade 3 Spelling
Choose the correctly spelled word.
  1. choise
  2. chose
  3. chiose
  4. choice
Grade 3 Spelling
Which word is spelled correctly?
  1. choyce
  2. choyee
  3. choice
  4. chooss
Grade 7 Synonyms
What is the synonym of REPLY?
  1. interpret
  2. question
  3. choice
  4. answer
Grade 7 Synonyms
What is a synonym for option?
  1. choice
  2. answer
  3. decide
  4. question
Grade 1 Conjunctions CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.1.1g
Grade 5 Context Clues
Grade 1 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.1.4
rules the government says we must follow
  1. choices
  2. laws
  3. parents
  4. orders
Grade 9 Creation and the Fall of Man
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