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Grade 7 The History of Jesus
Grade 9 World Religions
These religions appeared in the following order chronologically:
  1. Christianity, Judaism, Islam
  2. Islam, Christianity, Islam
  3. Judaism, Christianity, Islam
  4. Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Grade 3 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 10 Roman Empire
The reason for the appeal of Christianity in Ancient Rome and for its ability to remain a strong religion is                                          .
  1. Only the wealthy could be Christian
  2. The poor were not allowed to be Christian
  3. Only men could be Christian
  4. All people were allowed to be Christian
College Teachings of the Bible
When speaking to both non-Christians and Christians which is "NOT" important:
  1. Remove all insider language, insider stories, and insider references that only Christians would understand.
  2. Take the opportunity to communicate with your non-churched visitors, engaging their questions, using their frame of reference, experience, and language.
  3. Don't preach from controversial passages
  4. Be sensitive, not callous, to people who have no Christian formation.
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
The Crusades were a number of wars fought between which two main groups?
  1. Western European Christians and the Jews
  2. Jews and Muslims
  3. Western European Christians and Muslims
  4. Eastern European Christians and Muslims
Grade 8 Colonial Period
New England Colonies were established by what two religious groups?
  1. Pilgrims and Puritans
  2. Christians and Catholics
  3. Quakers and Christians
  4. Catholics and Pilgrims
Grade 7 World Religions
Which religions influenced Arabia?
  1. Judaism and Buddhism
  2. Hinduism and Christianity
  3. Judaism and Christianity
  4. None of the above
Grade 5 Christian Studies
What single statement describes Christian beliefs and was developed by the Roman Christians?
  1. Nicene Creed
  2. Dead Sea Scrolls
  3. Apostles' Creed
  4. The Creed of Masada
Grade 7 Roman Empire
To the Byzantine Empire, Christianity was
  1. just a religion
  2. the one true religion
  3. the foundation of their empire
  4. responsible for dividing the empire
Grade 7 The History of Jesus
Continuing Education Fashion and Style
Grade 9 Roman Empire
Grade 10 World Religions
Grade 5 Defining Words
a Christian community of nuns
  1. unison
  2. convent
  3. contradicted
  4. infamous
Grade 12 US Government
What two religions influenced the U.S. Democracy?
  1. Buddhism and Hinduism
  2. New Age and Islam
  3. Hinduism and Christianity
  4. Christianity and Judaism
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