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Grade 12 Taxonomy
Grade 9 Taxonomy
Grade 9 Taxonomy
The science of classifying animals is
  1. taxonomy.
  2. classification.
  3. species.
Grade 5 Taxonomy
What is classification?
  1. confidential information
  2. the process of grouping similar things together
  3. one of the major taxa
Grade 7 Taxonomy
What is classification?
  1. breeding organisms to create classy offspring
  2. scientists getting extra training and leveling up in science ranking
  3. process of arranging organisms into groups based on their similarities
  4. two-prong method of genetic engineering
Grade 5 Taxonomy
The science of classification is
  1. biology.
  2. taxonomy.
  3. chemistry.
  4. economy.
Grade 12 Taxonomy
What is classification?
  1. science of classifying and naming organisms
  2. order of taxa
  3. grouping organisms according to structural and evolutionary similarities
  4. two-part key used to identify organisms that is based on visible physical features
Grade 5 Scientific Method
Mr. Kirchner's chair is red. This is a(n)                .
  1. inference
  2. prediction
  3. observation
  4. classification
Grade 8 Scientific Methods and Applications
What system is used for grouping similar things together?
  1. buddy
  2. filing
  3. classification
  4. stratigraphy
Grade 9 Taxonomy
Putting organisms into categories based on observable characteristics is
  1. taxonomy.
  2. hierarchy.
  3. organization.
  4. classification.
Grade 7 Biology
The process by which living things arise from living things is
  1. respiration.
  2. classification.
  3. perspiration.
  4. reproduction.
Grade 5 Taxonomy
The science of finding patterns among living things is
  1. mitochondrion.
  2. classification.
  3. organization.
  4. respiration.
Grade 11 Text Structure
Grade 7 Taxonomy
Taxonomy is the science of
  1. genetics.
  2. classification.
  3. bacteria.
  4. evolution.
Grade 5 Scientific Method
Continuing Education Navy
What should be your first concern be in drafting correspondence?
  1. Format
  2. Purpose
  3. Distribution
  4. Security Classification
Grade 9 Universe
The diagram shows
Hubble Sequence #2
  1. the evolutionary sequence of stars.
  2. the evolutionary sequence of galaxies.
  3. the morphological classification of stars.
  4. the morphological classification of galaxies.
Grade 12 Cell Structure and Function
Which of these are classifications of cells?
  1. Archaea and Bacteria
  2. prokaryotic and eukaryotic
  3. plant and animal
  4. large and small
Grade 5 Food Chains and Webs
Humans belong to the classification of
  1. carnivores.
  2. herbivores.
  3. omnivores.
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