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Continuing Education Technology
Grade 3 Prefixes CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.3.4, L.3.4b
Knowing the meaning of the prefix pre- helps the reader know that precode means:
  1. in favor of coding
  2. full of code
  3. to code now
  4. to code before
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
Grade 7 Mesopotamia
Under                          there were laws to cover the adoption of children.
  1. Hammurabi's Code
  2. The King of Uratu's code
  3. Sargon II's code
  4. Gilgamesh's code
College Medical Insurance and Billing
Encounter forms should be reviewed annually for changes that may have been made to:
  1. diagnosis codes
  2. procedure codes
  3. HCPCs codes
  4. all of the above
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
Continuing Education Medical Practices
Grade 9 Roman Empire
What is the name of Rome's first code of laws?
  1. The Twelve Tables
  2. The Justinian Code
  3. The Codex
  4. The Draconian Codes
College Cell Structure and Function
RNA codons code for amino acids according to genetic code. AUG is a start code. What are the 3 STOP codes?
  1. GAU, AGU, and AAU
  2. UAA, UGG, and UGA
  3. UAA, UAG, and UGA
  4. TAA, TAG, and TGG
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
What was the first written code of laws?
  1. The Laws of Mesopotamia
  2. The Code of Mesopotamia
  3. The Laws of Cuneiform
  4. Hammurabi's Code
Grade 9 Civil War
What was the name of the codes designed to give the state control over blacks' behavior?
  1. Confederate Agenda
  2. Popular Sovereignty
  3. Dixie Codes
  4. Black Codes
College Medical Practices
What is the difference between ICD codes and CPT codes?
  1. ICD is for inpatient and CPT is for outpatient
  2. CPT is for inpatient and ICD is for outpatient
  3. ICD and CPT are both for inpatient; there is no difference
  4. ICD is for doctors and CPT is for nurses
Grade 9 Job Search and Career
Dress codes are
  1. written rules of how you should dress
  2. color coded dresses
  3. against the law
Continuing Education Everyday English
What type of number is shown below?

  1. zip code
  2. area code
  3. phone number
  4. social security number
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