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Grade 8 American Revolution
How did the colonies react to the new taxes created by the British?
  1. Colonists rebelled and got angry
  2. Colonists payed taxes with no great reaction
  3. Colonists killed the Spanish
  4. Colonists colonized Britain
Grade 8 Colonial Period
How did the colonists respond to the Townshend Acts?
  1. The colonists formed assemblies to vote.
  2. The colonists boycotted.
  3. The colonists did not mind the Townshend Acts.
  4. The colonists threw tea into Boston Harbor.
Grade 8 Colonial Period
Pocahontas helped Jamestown to survive by
  1. bringing peace between the colonists and her people.
  2. showing the colonists how to raise tobacco.
  3. telling the colonists how to raise tobacco.
  4. teaching the colonists how to hunt and fish for food
Grade 4 Colonial Period
What does the expression "No taxation without representation!" mean?
  1. The colonists wanted to be independent.
  2. The British were angry at the colonists.
  3. The colonists didn't want to be taxed without a voice in Parliament.
  4. The war was over.
Grade 2 Social Studies Words
Choose the word that is spelled correctly.
  1. colonest
  2. colonist
  3. colunist
Grade 11 Colonial Period
How did the Boston Massacre start?
  1. Colonists started shooting at British soldiers
  2. A mob of colonists threw rocks at the British until they fired back
  3. The British attacked some colonists and took their houses
  4. The British fired on a group of colonists for no reason
Grade 7 The Frontier
Challenges that the colonists faced
  1. conflicts with Native Americans
  2. disease
  3. tension between with the Mexican government
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above
Grade 1 Colonial Period
Colonists are people who                                                       ?
  1. Gather into groups.
  2. Settle in a new land that is ruled by another country.
  3. Have a bad disease.
  4. Lived during the Civil War.
Grade 5 Defining Words
small communities started by people new to the area
  1. colonist
  2. settlement
  3. permanent
  4. disease
Grade 4 Colonial Period
Someone chosen to speak or act for others
  1. proprietor
  2. governor
  3. legislature
  4. colonists
Grade 5 Defining Words
someone who settles and helps establish a new town
  1. merchant
  2. conquistador
  3. missionary
  4. colonist
Grade 5 Defining Words
Grade 5 Defining Words
sickness or illness
  1. navigation
  2. missionary
  3. colonist
  4. disease
Grade 4 Social Studies
Grade 10 Colonial Period
Grade 8 Democratic Foundations
Which of the following had the most power under the state constitutions?
  1. the legislature
  2. the governor
  3. the courts
  4. the colonists
Grade 4 Colonial Period
Someone chosen by a proprietor, or owner to rule their colony.
  1. proprietor
  2. governor
  3. colonists
  4. legislature
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