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College Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
What is a myofibril?
  1. A skeletal muscle cell
  2. Composed of filaments
  3. Composed of proteins
  4. Both a skeletal muscle cell and composed of filaments
  5. Both composed of filaments and composed of proteins
Grade 11 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
A myofibril is
  1. a skeletal muscle cell.
  2. composed of filaments.
  3. composed of proteins.
  4. both a skeletal muscle cell and composed of filaments.
  5. composed of both filaments and proteins.
Grade 9 Molecules and Compounds
What are ternary compounds?
  1. These are only composed of one or two elements
  2. These are composed of one element
  3. These contain only metals
  4. These are composed of three or more elements
Grade 2 Defining Words
a person in charge
  1. authority
  2. composer
  3. habitat
Grade 2 Performance and Listening
Grade 3 Performance and Listening
Grade 7 Atmosphere
Which of the following statements best describes the composition of air?
  1. Air is composed only of oxygen.
  2. Air is composed only of carbon dioxide.
  3. Air is a mixture of different gases.
  4. Air is composed only of nitrogen.
Grade 9 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
Jazz and Blues come from
  1. European composers
  2. Serious composers who are members of ASCAP
  3. Spirituals
  4. White band leaders
Grade 2 Musical Terms
A person who writes music is called a:
  1. writer
  2. decomposer
  3. poet
  4. composer
College Nervous and Endocrine Systems
The neuron is composed of the                            .
  1. cell body, axon, ganglia
  2. axon, synapse, ganglia
  3. synapse, ganglia, dendrites
  4. cell body, axon, dendrites
Grade 6 Algebraic Expressions
A symbol or a letter that stands for a number.
  1. compose
  2. variable
  3. number
  4. digit
Grade 6 European History
Grade 5 Spelling
Tyler likes to                 music.
  1. cumpose
  2. compose
  3. commpose
  4. composse
Grade 2 Performance and Listening
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