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Grade 8 Periodic Table and Elements
Which of the following best describes the element copper?
  1. Copper is a halogen.
  2. Copper is a metalloid.
  3. Copper is an alkali metal.
  4. Copper is a transition metal.
Grade 10 Molecules and Compounds
What is the IUPAC name of [math]CuCl_2[/math]?
  1. copper (I) chloride
  2. copper (II) chloride
  3. copper (III) dichloride
  4. copper dichloride
Grade 8 Periodic Table and Elements

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Grade 6 Periodic Table and Elements
Grade 8 Periodic Table and Elements
Copper is a metal.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 10 Periodic Table and Elements
Grade 9 Reactions
When a copper penny oxidizes, it forms a new substance called
  1. iron oxide.
  2. copper sulphate.
  3. copper oxide.
  4. aluminium oxide.
  5. copper chloride.
College Culinary Skills
Choose the correct answer for metal/s most commonly found in wine.
  1. iron and copper
  2. steel
  3. iron, copper, lead
  4. lead
Grade 9 Periodic Table and Elements
What 3 elements are known as the coinage metals?
  1. copper, zinc, & gold
  2. gold, copper, & silver
  3. silver, nickel, & mercury
  4. iron, gold, & copper
Grade 7 Ancient History
Grade 12 Physics
Which reaction involves the displacement of copper from copper sulphate by zinc?
  1. Reaction between metals and water
  2. Reaction between metals and acids
  3. Single displacement reaction
  4. No reaction involves copper displacement
Grade 8 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 8 Periodic Table and Elements
What is Cu?
  1. Copper
  2. Zinc
Grade 8 Creation and the Fall of Man
Which elements/compounds created in the beginning are named in the first six chapters of Genesis?
  1. gold, silver, copper, platinum, iron
  2. gold, beryllium, onyx, copper, iron
  3. gold, bdellium, onyx, copper, iron
  4. gold, silver, platinum, copper, iron
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