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Grade 6 Prefixes and Suffixes
If you know the meaning of the prefix en-, then endanger means:
  1. to not be in danger
  2. to avoid danger
  3. to love danger
  4. to cause danger
Grade 2 Defining Words
  1. perilous
  2. rampart
  3. spacious
Grade 5 Defining Words
  1. involving possible injury, harm, or death
  2. the act of dying
  3. toxic
Grade 8 Writing
  1. capital
  2. ascent
  3. earnest
  4. perilous
None Vocabulary
  1. members of your family who lived a long time ago
  2. what is held to be true or real
  3. unusually high quality or excellence
  4. when a person could get hurt or be in possible harm
Grade 9 Drugs and Alcohol
Cigarettes are                           than cigars
  1. more dangerous
  2. less dangerous
  3. the same amount danger as
  4. just like
Grade 5 Defining Words
protected, not in danger
  1. exciting
  2. safe
  3. flat
  4. tied
Grade 3 Defining Words
Dangerous or violent
  1. Fierce
  2. Ungrateful
  3. Dazzling
  4. Command
Grade 11 Synonyms
The synonym of dangerous is:
  1. scarry
  2. healthy
  3. risky
Grade 3 Defining Words
Danger means                       .
  1. the tide changes
  2. not safe
  3. the name of a sailboat
  4. None of the above
Grade 1 Food Chains and Webs
Are some carnivores dangerous?
  1. Yes, some kill for food.
  2. No, they are all pleasant and safe to be with.
None Drugs and Alcohol
Grade 4 Defining Words
a difficult or dangerous situation
  1. substantial
  2. alter
  3. crisis
  4. unpredictable
Grade 1 Volcanoes
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Dangerously high or deep.
  1. Disproportionately
  2. Precipitous
  3. Doggedly
Grade 1 Food Chains and Webs
Are some carnivores dangerous?
  1. Yes, some will eat mostly anything with blood.
  2. No, they are harmless.
  3. Some fish are like that.
Grade 6 Defining Words
dangerous, risky, or unsafe
  1. mammoth
  2. perilous
  3. calling
  4. innovation
  5. improvisation
  6. cabaret
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