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Grade 11 Driving and Road Safety
A driver who is 100% on the task and will do anything possible to avoid a collision is a/n:
  1. mature driver.
  2. defensive driver.
  3. offensive driver.
  4. neutral driver.
Grade 11 Driving and Road Safety
None Hand Tools
Identify the tool in the image.
Carpentry Tools - Philips Head Screw Driver
  1. Philips screwdriver
  2. Robertson screw driver
  3. Flat head screw driver
  4. Hex head screw driver
Continuing Education Driving and Road Safety
Continuing Education Driving and Road Safety
Continuing Education Driving and Road Safety
Grade 6 PC Basics
CD-ROM Driver
  1. International business machines is the largest computer company in the world
  2. is found on the outside of the computer. It is where you insert your CD-ROM It is usually known as the d:drive
  3. was invented in 1958; it combines all the parts a computer needs to run in one small place- a chip
Grade 9 Commercial Driving
Graduated driver licensing programs
  1. usually are completed in three licensing stages,
  2. are conducted worldwide
  3. have resulted in fewer collisions among young drivers
  4. all of the above
Continuing Education Commercial Driving
Which of these are NOT a sign of a distracted driver?
  1. Vehicles that may drift over the lane divider lines or within their own lane.
  2. Vehicles traveling at consistent speeds.
  3. Drivers who are preoccupied with maps, food, cigarettes, cell phones, or other objects.
  4. Drivers who appear to be involved in conversations with their passengers.
  5. None of the above.
Grade 11 Construction
What is used to tighten nuts and bolts?
  1. screw driver
  2. saw
  3. pliers
  4. wrenches
College Early Childhood Education
Grade 10 Culinary Skills
A busboy works with the following EXCEPT:
  1. waiter
  2. waitress
  3. manager
  4. the bus driver
Grade 9 Movies and TV
What was Walt's first job?
  1. An artist
  2. An ambulance driver
  3. A writer
  4. A teacher
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