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None English as a Second Language ESL
Donald Trump                  as president last year.
  1. elected
  2. was electing
  3. had elected
  4. had been elected
Grade 8 The Presidents
Who was elected as president in the 1824 election?
  1. John Quincy Adams
  2. Henry Clay
  3. George H.W. Bush
  4. Andrew Jackson
Grade 6 Defining Words
  1. something that holds or carries
  2. voted in, chosen
  3. a member of a group or squad
Grade 12 US Government
How are federal judges chosen?
  1. Special election
  2. Congressional hearings
  3. Presidential appointments
  4. Regular election
Grade 5 Defining Words
elected officials
  1. representatives
  2. distracted
  3. bracing
  4. embark
Grade 4 Social Studies Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. elecion
  2. elecsion
  3. election
Grade 3 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. elact
  2. elect
  3. ellect
Grade 12 Executive Branch
American presidents are elected :
  1. every four years
  2. every five years
  3. every six years
  4. every seven years
Grade 8 Defining Words
Grade 8 Early National Era
The election of 1800 showed that
  1. the Electoral College should be completely abolished.
  2. power could pass peacefully from group to group in a democracy.
  3. Hamilton had become a Republican.
  4. Adams wanted to turn the nation into a monarchy.
Grade 1 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.1.4
a choice in an election or poll
  1. count
  2. law
  3. opinion
  4. vote
Grade 7 US Government
To elect a leader means to...
  1. impeach
  2. choose a leader by voting
  3. remove a leader from office
  4. nominate a leader for an office
Grade 10 American Revolution
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