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Grade 6 Modern Europe

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Grade 6 The Egypt Game
Grade 6 The History of Jesus
Grade 11 The Crucible
Elizabeth blames herself for
  1. for John's affair with Abigail
  2. the confessions are lies and therefore sins against God
  3. to die for one's principles is worthier than to live a lie
  4. try once more to persuade him to confess
Grade 6 The Egypt Game
Grade 9 Enriques Journey
Who was Nazario's maid in the beginning of the novel?
  1. Carmen
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Angelina
  4. Camille
Grade 6 The History of Jesus
Grade 6 The Egypt Game
Who told the police who the man killing children was?
  1. Marshall
  2. Elizabeth
  3. The Professor
  4. April
Grade 11 The Crucible
Grade 4 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 12 Frankenstein
Who is the first victim to be killed by the Creature?
  1. Justine
  2. William
  3. Caroline
  4. Elizabeth
Grade 4 Because of Winn-Dixie
What does the narrator's father call her?
  1. Opal
  2. India
  3. Daughter
  4. Elizabeth
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