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Grade 5 Pre-Colonial Period
The first Americans came from
  1. Asia
  2. Europe
  3. Mexico
  4. Asia and Europe
Grade 5 Ancient History
The first Americans came from.
  1. Asia
  2. Europe
  3. Mexico
  4. Asia and Europe
Grade 10 Exploration
The triangular trade network connected which of the following continents?
  1. Europe, Asia, South America
  2. Europe, North America, Asia
  3. Europe, Australia, North America
  4. Europe, Africa, North America
Grade 6 European Geography
Eastern Europe is in                .
  1. Asia
  2. North America
  3. South America
  4. Europe
Grade 11 Social Sciences
Grade 10 Immigration

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The Majority of Immagrants on the east coast came from               
  1. North America
  2. Western Europe
  3. Eastern Europe
  4. South America
Grade 4 Asian Geography
The tallest mountain in the world is located in which mountain range and on which continent?
  1. the Alps in Europe
  2. the Andes in Europe
  3. the Himalayas in Asia
  4. the Andes in Asia
Grade 4 Asian Geography
Grade 6 European Geography
The longest river in Europe is
  1. Mississippi
  2. Seine
  3. Danube
  4. Rhine
Grade 6 European Geography
Grade 9 Music History
These two continents served as a base for the blues.
  1. Australia & Asia
  2. South America & Africa
  3. Europe & Antarctica
  4. Africa & Europe
Grade 5 People and Places
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. Urope
  2. Erope
  3. Europe
Grade 5 Jimmy Coates Survival
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