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Grade 10 Musical Terms
The term for "the end" is:
  1. find
  2. finde
  3. fine
  4. fina
Grade 5 Bud, Not Buddy CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RL.5.3
Why does Bud run away from foster care?
  1. To find his mother
  2. To find a better family
  3. To find his father
  4. To find a new home
Grade 9 Linear Equations CCSS: HSA-REI.B.3
  1. x = -1
  2. x = -5
  3. x = 5
  4. x = -2
Grade 5 Zoology
When a snake copies another snake it is
  1. camouflage.
  2. mimicry.
  3. playing.
  4. preying.
Grade 2 Zoology
You see an animal that lays eggs. How can you tell if it is a bird?
  1. find out if it can fly
  2. find out if it has scales
  3. find out if it has feathers
Grade 9 English as a Second Language ESL
............. my keys?
  1. Who finds
  2. Who found
  3. Who did find
Grade 1 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Grade 7 Social Studies
What is the main reason people leave rural areas and move to urban areas?
  1. to avoid crowds
  2. to find jobs
  3. to find housing
  4. to escape danger
Grade 2 Children's Literature
Mrs. Mallard took her ducklings for a walk. They had a problem. What was that problem?
  1. They could not find any water.
  2. They could not cross the road.
  3. They could not find Mr. Mallard.
  4. They could find the policeman.
Grade 10 Combinations and Permutations CCSS: HSS-CP.B.9
What is Bayes' Theorem used for?
  1. To find the joint probability of two events
  2. To find the probability of an event given the occurrence of another event
  3. To find the probability of the complement of an event
  4. To find the probability of the intersection of two events
Grade 1 Rhymes
Grade 7 Colonial Period
What was the primary reason the Jamestown settlers came to America?
  1. To make money
  2. To find new land
  3. To see if they could find Indians
Grade 1 Defining Words
Grade 4 Colonial Period
Two reasons people explored were
  1. to find new friends and buy a new boat
  2. to find new land and find gold
  3. to trick the Native Americans and draw maps
Grade 5 Adaptations and Behavior
Porcupines have sharp quills that the animal uses to
  1. find food.
  2. find water.
  3. protect itself.
  4. survive in its environment.
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