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Grade 6 Civil War
Sojourner Truth was:
  1. a former abolitionist
  2. a former slave
  3. a former mother
  4. a woman who lied a great deal
Grade 4 Adjectives
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Existing in the past
  1. monument
  2. currency
  3. former
  4. tedious
Grade 9 Reconstruction
                 was another name for the former slaves.
  1. Carpetbaggers
  2. Freedmen
  3. Scalawags
  4. All of the Above
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Of, relating to, caused by, or having tides
  1. oppress
  2. tidal
  3. diffuse
  4. former
Grade 4 Phonics
Grade 5 Spelling
Continuing Education Fashion and Style
What designer is a former model?
  1. Diane Von Furstenberg
  2. Marc Jacobs
  3. Adolfo
  4. Kimora Lee Simmons
Grade 10 Vocabulary
To be very successful
  1. thrive
  2. former
  3. cylindrical
  4. flourished
Grade 7 Frequently Misspelled Words
Indicate the correct spelling.
  1. fromerly
  2. formarly
  3. formeerly
  4. formerly
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. former
  2. fourmer
  3. formire
  4. fourmur
Grade 10 A Time to Kill
Who was Jake's former boss?
  1. Harry Rex Vonner
  2. Omar Noose
  3. Lucian Willbanks
  4. Rufus Buckley
Grade 11 Job Search and Career
It is illegal for a former employer to give:
  1. no reference.
  2. a bad reference.
  3. a dishonest reference.
  4. personal reference.
Grade 6 European Geography
Grade 6 European Geography
College Visual Arts
The Woman from Willendorf was formerly known as the:
  1. Mother of Willendorf
  2. Aphrodite of Willendorf
  3. Hunter of Willendorf
  4. Venus of Willendorf
Grade 6 Canada
Who is the former Prime Minister of Canada?
  1. Jim Carrey
  2. The Queen of England
  3. Pierre Trudeau
  4. President Obama
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