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Grade 9 Sculpture
The process of removing part of a sculpture from the original material is known as:
  1. additive scultpure
  2. subtractive sculpture
  3. papier mache sculpture
  4. casting
Grade 4 Musical Terms
Another name for ternary form is                .
  1. A B form
  2. triple form
  3. A B A form
  4. common form
Grade 11 Word Processing
The process of scanning paper forms used in the business world into electronic forms
  1. electronic forms
  2. digital forms
  3. online forms
  4. scanned forms
Grade 7 Visual Arts
Grade 9 Sculpture
Sculpture which is suspended, balanced and moves is:
  1. free-standing
  2. mobile
  3. relief
  4. embossed
Grade 4 Visual Arts
Grade 11 Word Processing
Computerized versions of the paper forms used in the business world
  1. digital forms
  2. online forms
  3. hard copy forms
  4. electronic forms
Grade 9 Sculpture
In sculpture, low relief is also known as:
  1. free-standing
  2. embossing
  3. bas relief
  4. additive sculpture
Grade 6 Rocks
Rocks are classified by
  1. how they are formed.
  2. when they are formed.
  3. where they are formed.
Grade 9 Supporting Details CCSS: CCRA.R.4, RI.9-10.4

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What is harundo?
  1. A form of karate
  2. A form of stick fighting
  3. A form of baseball
  4. A form of hockey
Grade 11 Cosmetology
A layered cut or 90 degree cut is know as:?
  1. solid form
  2. graduated form
  3. increased layered form
  4. uniformly layered form
Grade 9 Linear Equations
In which form was the equation written?
8x - 3y = 52
  1. Standard form
  2. General Form
  3. Slope-intercept form
  4. Slope-point form
Grade 4 Musical Terms
Binary form is also known as                .
  1. Dual form
  2. Harmony
  3. A B form
  4. A B A form
None Medical Terms
Information such as the patients full name, address, and telephone number would be found on what form?
  1. Medical history form
  2. Financial information form
  3. Insurance form
  4. Demographic data form
Grade 10 Economics
The form you send in along with you tax return is:
  1. Form W-4
  2. Form W-2
  3. Form 5W40
  4. Form W-4010
Grade 10 Economics
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correctly spelled word.
  1. forme
  2. forrm
  3. form
  4. forrme
Grade 10 Microbiology
Bacteria may survive unfavorable conditions by
  1. forming flagella.
  2. forming pili.
  3. splitting in half.
  4. forming endospores.
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