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Grade 8 Molecules and Compounds
College Anatomy and Physiology
Fructose and glucose are isomers. This means that...
  1. they have the same structural formula
  2. they have different chemical structures and the same structural formula
  3. they both have the same chemical and structural formula
  4. they have the same chemical formula but different structural formulae
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
Kayla draws the image shown as part of her physical science homework.
Electron-Dot Diagram - Phosphorus
What did Kayla draw?
  1. Bohr model
  2. Lewis structure
  3. Molecular formula
  4. Structural formula
Grade 8 Molecules and Compounds
In chemistry, the image shown below is called a/an                     .
Structural Formula - Aldehyde
  1. structural formula
  2. chemical equation
  3. empirical formula
  4. electron-dot diagram
Grade 10 Vocabulary
Heavily decorated;intricate:
  1. adorn
  2. ornate
  3. ordain
  4. formula
Continuing Education Business Technology
Which of the following does Microsoft Excel produce?
  1. Worksheets
  2. Tablets
  3. Formulas
  4. Spreadsheets
Continuing Education Hairdressing
Grade 8 Molecules and Compounds
Grade 6 Algebraic Expressions
Grade 4 Scientific Methods and Applications
Continuing Education Business Technology
Grade 8 Physics
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