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Grade 10 Functions and Relations CCSS: HSF-IF.A.1
Which best describes the following statement?

Jack counts his steps and times himself as he walks across the football field.
  1. It is not a function.
  2. It is a continuous function.
  3. It is a discrete function.
  4. It is a partial function.
Grade 10 Functions and Relations CCSS: HSF-IF.A.1
An equation which represents a bouncing ball would
  1. not be a function.
  2. be a continuous function.
  3. be a discrete function.
  4. be a partial function.
Grade 9 Phrases and Clauses
The claws of the eagle were sharp.

In the sentence above, what is the function of the prepositional phrase?
  1. It functions as a pronoun.
  2. It functions as an adjective.
  3. It functions as an adverb.
  4. It functions as an infinitive.
Grade 11 Functions and Relations CCSS: HSF-IF.A.1
The domain is {-2, -2, 0, 1, 5} and the range is {-2, 0, 1, -2, 5}.

The given domain and range determines that the sets of numbers are
  1. a function, and linear.
  2. not a function, but linear.
  3. a function, but not linear.
  4. not a function, and not linear.
Grade 11 Functions and Relations
The function [math]y=1/(x^2-1)[/math] is an example of a(n)
  1. polynomial function.
  2. radical function.
  3. rational function.
  4. inverse function.
Grade 9 Functions and Relations
When y is written as f(x).
  1. Function Rule
  2. Function Notation
  3. Function Variable
Grade 5 Prefixes and Suffixes
Grade 9 Functions and Relations
Water is stored in tanks which are in the shape of perfect cubes. Randy wants to write a function showing the amount of water the tank can hold compared to the edge length of the tank.
  1. The function will be linear.
  2. The function will be exponential.
  3. The function will be cubic.
  4. There is not enough information.
Grade 12 Anatomy and Physiology
How does anatomy and physiology relate to each other?
  1. The function determines the function and structure.
  2. The structure determines the structure.
  3. The function determines the structure.
  4. The structure determines the function.
Continuing Education JavaScript
How do you create a function?
  1. function:myFunction()
  2. function=myFunction()
  3. function myFunction()
Grade 11 Functions and Relations
Determine whether the function shown has an inverse that is a function.
Graph - Quadratic Function y=2x^2
  1. Yes, the inverse is a function.
  2. No, the inverse is not a function.
College Anatomy and Physiology
Grade 11 Functions and Relations
Does the function shown here have an inverse that is also a function?
Graph - Exponent Function y=2^x
  1. Yes, the inverse is a function.
  2. No, the inverse is not a function.
Grade 6 Cell Structure and Function
Which statement best describes a specialized cell?
  1. It has no function in an organ.
  2. It has a general function.
  3. It has a specific function.
  4. It has more than one function.
Grade 10 Business Technology
College Speech and Voice Disorders
What does VFE stand for?
  1. Voice Function Exercise
  2. Vocal Function Exercises
  3. Vocal Fold Exercises
  4. Voice Functioning Exercise
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