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Grade 3 Frequently Misspelled Words CCSS: CCRA.L.2, L.3.2e
Grade 4 Spelling
None English as a Second Language ESL
Grade 8 Physics
Objects become charged when they                       .
  1. gain or lose protons
  2. gain or lose neutrons
  3. gain or lose electrons
  4. gain or lose photons
Grade 9 Atomic Structure
An atom becomes negatively charged when it                 .
  1. gains electrons
  2. gains protons
  3. shares electrons
  4. gains molecules
  5. loses a neutron
Grade 10 Reactions
Grade 3 Defining Words
benefit, gain
  1. decay
  2. advantage
  3. habit
  4. journey
Grade 7 Atomic Structure
A neutral atom becomes a positive ion when it
  1. gains an electron.
  2. gains a proton.
  3. loses an electron.
  4. loses a proton.
College Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
What is oxidation?
  1. Loss of electrons
  2. Loss of hydrogen
  3. Gain of hydrogen
  4. Gain of electrons
College Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
What is reduction?
  1. Gain of electrons
  2. Gain of hydrogen
  3. Loss of electrons
  4. Loss of hydrogen
Grade 8 Atomic Structure
An atom becomes negatively charged by                    .
  1. gaining an electron
  2. losing an electron
  3. losing a proton
  4. gaining a neutron
Grade 11 Fitness
Roger will gain employment
  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable
  4. Realistic
  5. Timely
Grade 10 Reactions
The gain of oxygen is known as                .
  1. oxidation
  2. reduction
  3. halogenation
  4. chlorination
None Business Technology
Gaining and using knowledge
  1. Intellectual Domain
  2. Physical Domain
  3. Emotional Domain
  4. Social Domain
  5. Financial Domain
Grade 9 Economics
What are capital gains?
  1. a tax refund
  2. business profits
  3. interest earned on retirement accounts
  4. profit made from the sale of stocks, bonds, or real estate
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