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Grade 7 Freak the Mighty
Where does Max meet Kevin?
  1. Third Grade
  2. Fifth Grade
  3. Seventh Grade
  4. Preschool
College Speech and Voice Disorders
What does GRBAS stand for?
  1. Grade, Roughness, Breathing, Aphonia, Striated
  2. Grade, Roughness, Breath, Asthenia, Stridor
  3. Grade, Roughness, Breathiness, Aphonia, Stridor
  4. Grade, Roughness, Breathiness, Asthenia, Strained
Continuing Education Commercial Driving
What factors determine your selection of a safe speed when going down a long steep downgrade?
  1. Length of the grade and steepness of the grade only.
  2. Total weight of the vehicle and cargo.
  3. Total weight of the vehicle and cargo, length of the grade, steepness of the grade, road conditions, weather.
  4. Total weight of the vehicle, steepness of the grade, weather.
Grade 7 Capitalization and Punctuation
Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?
  1. Mr. Marroquin is a 7th grade math teacher.
  2. Mr. Marroquin is a 7th grade math teacher?
  3. Mr Marroquin is a 7th grade math teacher.
  4. Mr Marroquin is a 7th grade math teacher?
Grade 8 Defining Words
  1. scoring
  2. buffoonery
  3. recite
  4. equal
Grade 10 Agriculture
What is the weight class that the eggs are marked with?
  1. grade a - grade c
  2. peewee- jumbo
  3. ex small- ex large
  4. biggie- smalley
None Fitness
Physical activity done in short, fast bursts is
  1. aerobic
  2. anaerobic
  3. hypokinetic
  4. graded
Continuing Education Navy
Block 39 of the performance evaluation is the overall evaluation mark assigned to assess the member's overall value to the Navy. What determines the grade assigned in this block?
  1. The average of all assigned grades
  2. The overall assessment of the individual by the reporting senior
  3. The highest grade assigned in Personal Traits
  4. The lowest grade assigned in Professional Factors
Grade 7 Fill in the Blank Vocabulary
Continuing Education Types of Sentences
Which of the following sentences contains a correctly punctuated, complex sentence with both an independent clause and a subordinate clause?
  1. I will study, because I want a good grade.
  2. If I study I will make a good grade.
  3. After I study I will make a good grade.
  4. I will study if I want to make a good grade.
None Concrete Forming Systems and Techniques
Which of the following is NOT a typical residential concrete foundation type?
  1. Slab on grade foundation
  2. Above grade foundation
  3. Crawl space foundation
  4. Full basement foundation
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