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None English as a Second Language ESL
a guard is                                           .
  1. a vehicle that transports goods.
  2. a person who marches and drills everyday.
  3. a machine that crawls on the floor.
  4. a person who keeps people and things safe.
Grade 9 Basketball
Which position on the court usually controls the offense?
  1. Center
  2. Shooting guard
  3. Forward
  4. Point guard
Grade 9 Basketball
Who controls the offense?
  1. Center
  2. Shooting guard
  3. Forward
  4. Point guard
Grade 6 European History
What is the nickname for the Yeoman Warders who care for the Tower of London?
  1. Zouaves
  2. Beefeaters
  3. Queen's Guard
  4. Praetorian Guard
Grade 9 Modern China
What was the name of Mao's paramilitary student group during the Cultural Revolution?
  1. Red Guards
  2. People's Army
  3. Workers' Army
  4. Praetorian Guard
Grade 9 Basketball
Which player is usually the best dribbler on the team?
  1. Small forward
  2. Center
  3. Point guard
  4. Power forward
  5. Shooting guard
Grade 7 Football
Grade 7 Flag Football
Grade 11 Botany
What is the function of guard cells?
  1. They store carbohydrates.
  2. They control the size of the stomata.
  3. They absorb minerals from the soil.
  4. They help support the plant.
Grade 5 Defining Words
To guard, keep safe, or shelter
  1. enhance
  2. families
  3. larvae
  4. protect
Grade 3 Defining Words
guard against assault or injury
  1. perform
  2. defend
  3. certain
  4. solution
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