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Grade 9 China
The Mandate of Heaven
  1. prevented the overthrow of a corrupt ruler.
  2. declared that the king was divine.
  3. became a basic principle of Chinese government to change from one dynastic family to the next.
  4. disregarded the Dao, the key to proper behavior under Confucianism.
Grade 9 Defining Words
Grade 2 Creation and the Fall of Man
Grade 2 Creation and the Fall of Man
Grade 9 Mesopotamia
Who is the Sumerian Goddess of Heaven?
  1. Ninurta
  2. An
  3. Inanna
  4. Nippur
  5. Enki
  6. Enlil
Grade 2 Creation and the Fall of Man
Grade 7 Islam
Grade 11 Teachings of the Bible
Where is God's dwelling place?
  1. Heaven
  2. Garden of Eden
  3. Purgatory
Grade 11 Main Idea CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RI.11-12.2

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Grade 6 Astronomy
The scientific study of the stars and heavenly objects
  1. astrology
  2. astronomy
  3. constellations
  4. Hubble Space Telescope
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