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Grade 9 The Book Thief
What question does the Hitler Youth leader ask Rudy on the street before beating him in front of his friends?
  1. Where did Hitler go to college?
  2. What is Hitler's middle name?
  3. What is Hitler's favorite food?
  4. Where was Hitler born?
Continuing Education US History
Hitler was French.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 9 WWII
What happened to Hitler?
  1. He killed himself
  2. He got away
  3. He was captured by his own people and executed
  4. He was captured and executed by the ally forces
Grade 9 The Book Thief
What was being celebrated on the day of the book burning?
  1. Hitler Youth convention
  2. The Mayor's birthday
  3. The anniversary of the Nazi Party
  4. Adolf Hitler's birthday
Grade 6 WWII
Hitler was voted the leader (Chancellor) of:
  1. Poland
  2. Soviet Union
  3. Germany
  4. Austria
Grade 11 WWII
Who was Hitler's propaganda minister?
  1. von Papen
  2. Goebbels
  3. Strasser
  4. Rohm
Grade 9 WWII
Who came to Mussolini's aide in Greece?
  1. Hirohito
  2. Hitler
  3. FDR
  4. Yoshi
Grade 8 Music History
My nickname is "The Little German".
  1. Rossini
  2. Copland
  3. Hitler
  4. Debussy
Grade 10 WWII
Adolf Hitler was born in which country?
  1. France
  2. Germany
  3. Austria
  4. Hungary
Grade 5 Russian Revolution
Grade 10 Modern Europe
Grade 9 WWII
"Blitzkrieg" means what in English?
  1. Germany
  2. Army
  3. Lightening war
  4. Hitler
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