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Grade 8 Periodic Table and Elements
  1. supports combustion.
  2. burns with a pale blue flame in air and forms water.
  3. is an explosive substance.
  4. occurs abundantly in the atmosphere.
Grade 11 Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
Grade 11 Outer Planets
Jupiter is composed of                      .
  1. hydrogen and oxygen
  2. helium and lithium
  3. hydrogen and nitrogen
  4. hydrogen and helium
College Bonds and Mixing
Hydrogen bonds are:
  1. Non-polar
  2. Neutral
  3. Unattractive
  4. Polar
Grade 6 Atmosphere
What makes up about 99 percent of the atmosphere?
  1. Helium and hydrogen
  2. Hydrogen and oxygen
  3. Nitrogen and oxygen
  4. Nitrogen and hydrogen
Grade 10 Matter
The primary reaction within the Sun and most other stars is                                   .
  1. the fusion of helium to hydrogen
  2. the fusion of hydrogen to helium
  3. the fission of helium to hydrogen
  4. the fission the hydrogen to helium
Grade 6 Geography
What makes up about 99 percent of the atmosphere?
  1. helium and hydrogen
  2. hydrogen and oxygen
  3. nitrogen and oxygen
  4. nitrogen and hydrogen
Grade 6 Sun
The chemical makeup of the Sun is mainly                              .
  1. hydrogen and oxygen
  2. oxygen and helium
  3. hydrogen and helium
  4. hydrogen, helium, and sulfate
College Quantum Physics and the Atom
To which of the following elements does the Bohr model apply to?
  1. helium, only
  2. hydrogen and helium
  3. hydrogen, only
  4. hydrogen, helium, and lithium
Grade 7 Molecules and Compounds
Grade 8 Bonds and Mixing
College Bonds and Mixing
Hydrogen bonds have
  1. An unequal charge distribution
  2. An equal charge distribution
  3. A neutral charge distribution
  4. No charge
Grade 9 Periodic Table and Elements
Grade 10 Bonds and Mixing
What happens as an atom of hydrogen and an atom of chlorine combine to become hydrogen chloride?
  1. A bond is formed as energy is absorbed.
  2. A bond is formed as energy is released.
  3. A bond is broken as energy is absorbed.
  4. A bond is broken as energy is released.
Grade 9 Molecules and Compounds
[math]HCO_3^-[/math] is named
  1. chlorite.
  2. chlorate.
  3. hydrogen sulfate.
  4. hydrogen carbonate.
Continuing Education Cosmetology
To remove yellow stains from the nail plate, the nails tech should use
  1. 15 volume hydrogen peroxide
  2. 10 volume hydrogen peroxide
  3. 20 volume hydrogen peroxide
  4. 30 volume hydrogen peroxide
Grade 9 Macromolecules
What three elements make up all carbohydrates?
  1. nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon
  2. carbon, oxygen, sulfur
  3. carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
  4. carbon, hydrogen, and sugar
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