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Grade 3 Scientific Method
A hypothesis is
  1. an educated guess that answers your question.
  2. the answer you get when you do an experiment.
  3. the conclusion of your experiment.
Grade 5 Defining Words
  1. impossible to pass through, see through, or understand
  2. a small, usually collapsible bed of fabric stretched on a frame
  3. an educated guess
  4. a person whose job is to study human beings
Grade 4 Scientific Method
A hypothesis is
  1. a theory.
  2. a scientific law.
  3. a opinion or a guess to a scientific question.
Grade 10 Scientific Method
A hypothesis is
  1. always right.
  2. a question that can be tested.
  3. a paper written by a scientist.
  4. detailed records of experimental observations.
Grade 4 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. hypothesis
  2. hypothesus
  3. hypothesys
Grade 9 Scientific Method
The hypothesis is the
  1. educated guess.
  2. data collection.
  3. final result.
  4. plotted graph.
Grade 10 Scientific Method
A hypothesis
  1. is based on a personal belief.
  2. may be disproven by a single experiment.
  3. does not have to be tested to be accepted.
  4. is a proven fact.
Grade 10 Scientific Method
Grade 5 Scientific Method
A hypothesis must be
  1. proven correct.
  2. testable.
  3. observed.
  4. experimental.
Grade 7 Scientific Method
What is a hypothesis?
  1. a fact
  2. an untrue statement
  3. an educated guess
  4. something that can not be proven
Grade 8 Scientific Method
A hypothesis must be                .
  1. proved
  2. disproved
  3. tested
  4. observed
Grade 9 Scientific Method
Grade 9 Scientific Method
A hypothesis is a(n)
  1. testable prediction.
  2. explanation of why.
  3. prediction of what.
  4. explanation of theory.
Grade 3 Scientific Method
What is the definition of a hypothesis?
  1. an educated guess
  2. your friend's answer
  3. the name of an article
  4. an observation
Grade 11 Scientific Method
Grade 2 Defining Words CCSS: CCRA.L.4, L.2.4
a procedure to test a hypothesis
  1. analysis
  2. experiment
  3. infer
  4. step
Grade 9 Scientific Method

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Which statement is a hypothesis?
  1. Vitamin C will prevent a common cold.
  2. If a student takes vitamin C, then they are more likely to avoid the common cold.
  3. If a student stays healthy, then they take vitamin C.
  4. What will happen to the students taking vitamin C?
Grade 7 Scientific Method
During which step of the scientific method do you perform an experiment or observational study?
  1. analyzing results
  2. drawing conclusions
  3. making the hypothesis
  4. testing the hypothesis
College Scientific Methods and Applications
In which statement are the steps to the scientific method in the correct order?
  1. Hypothesis, Question, Prediction, Experiment, Observation
  2. Observation, Question, Hypothesis, Prediction, Experiment
  3. Observation, Question, Prediction, Experiment, Hypothesis
  4. Experiment, Hypothesis, Observation, Question, Prediction
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