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Grade 7 Golden Age
Which of these was not present in Islamic art?
  1. geometric images
  2. images of humans
  3. arabesque designs
  4. images of natural patterns
Grade 12 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
The function of the lens is to
  1. locate an image.
  2. focus an image on the retina.
  3. combine the location and projection on the blind spot.
  4. project an image on the cornea.
Grade 6 Percents
Which statement is true for the percentages of the images?
American - Eagle - SmallAmerican - Eagle - SmallAmerican - Liberty Bell - SmallAmerican - Eagle - Small
  1. [math]25%[/math] of the images are eagles and [math]75%[/math] of the images are bells.
  2. [math]80%[/math] of the images are eagles and [math]20%[/math] of the images are bells.
  3. If 1 more bell was added to the images, the percentage of bells would be [math]20%[/math].
  4. If 1 more eagle was added to the images, the percentage of eagles would be [math]80%[/math].
Grade 6 Waves and Sound
You made a pinhole camera a few months ago at school. Which of the following statements is UNTRUE about pinhole cameras?
  1. The image on the screen is upside down.
  2. A small hole makes a crisp and dim image.
  3. The closer the camera is to the object, the smaller the image appears.
  4. Two holes makes two images.
Grade 8 Symmetry and Transformations CCSS: 8.G.A.1
Grade 8 Similar and Congruent Figures CCSS: 8.G.A.2
Grade 4 Outer Planets
The image shows                .
Planet Neptune - Small
  1. a star
  2. a planet
  3. a galaxy
  4. an asteroid
None Human Resources
In image A, the results are:
  1. Positive for Cocaine
  2. Positive for Cocaine, THC,& Opiates
  3. Positive for all drugs
  4. Negative for all drugs
Grade 3 Social Studies
Grade 4 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling word.
  1. emage
  2. image
  3. immage
  4. imige
Grade 8 Symmetry and Transformations CCSS: 8.G.A.1, 8.G.A.1a
What happens to a horizontal line if you rotate it [math]270deg[/math] counterclockwise?
  1. Its image is a vertical line.
  2. Its image is a horizontal line.
  3. Its image is a diagonal line sloping down from left to right.
  4. Its image is a diagonal line sloping down from right to left.
Grade 11 Light and Optics
When light rays pass through a convex lens, as in the image shown, what happens to the rays and the perceived image of the object?
Optics - Convex Lens
  1. The light rays diverge, magnifying the perceived image.
  2. The light rays converge, magnifying the perceived image.
  3. The light rays diverge, reducing the perceived image.
  4. The light rays converge, reducing the perceived image.
Grade 12 Photography
Raw images are considered superior to jpg images primarily because.
  1. they require more skill to manipulate
  2. they typically are obained from better sensors
  3. they typically have higher megapixel counts
  4. they maintain the ability to make changeable adjustments after capture
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