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Grade 7 Theater
Improvisation means
  1. Acting without a script
  2. Acting without speaking
  3. Acting without thinking
None Tennis
What other shots improve by improving your volley?
  1. Drop Shots and Angles
  2. Approach Shot and Return of Serve
  3. Touch Shots
Grade 10 Defining Words
To improve or augment
  1. enervating
  2. florid
  3. hackneyed
  4. enhance
Grade 3 Defining Words
The word improve means:
  1. to make something better
  2. to bend something
  3. strength
  4. a series of steps
Grade 5 Defining Words
Make better or improve
  1. families
  2. larvae
  3. enhance
  4. animal
Grade 11 Defining Words
improve; make better or clearer
  1. cower
  2. enhance
  3. plaudit
  4. abrogate
Continuing Education Commercial Driving
What is the purpose of the DECS on equipment with diesel engines?
  1. Improve fuel economy.
  2. Limit engine RPMs.
  3. Reduce emissions.
  4. Improve performance.
None Diet and Nutrition
Eating vegetables will improve what?
  1. Health
  2. Ability to move
  3. Nutrition
  4. All of the above
Grade 12 Vocabulary
incapable of being reformed or improved
  1. incorrigible
  2. pacifistic
  3. mitigate
  4. recant
Grade 4 Defining Words
improvements that move an idea ahead
  1. advancements
  2. agriculture
  3. characteristics
Grade 7 Defining Words
improve; make better or clearer
  1. replete
  2. harangue
  3. plaintiff
  4. enhance
Grade 8 Physics
Streamlining improves the efficiency of machines                                        .
  1. by increasing the weight of the machine
  2. by reducing air resistance
  3. by increasing the size of the machine
  4. by decreasing the power input
Grade 11 Vocabulary
Improve; make better or clearer
  1. Enhance
  2. Enfranchise
  3. Harangue
  4. Hamper
Grade 10 Zoology
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