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Grade 12 Diet and Nutrition
What is BMI?
  1. Brains Mush Index
  2. Branded Mud Index
  3. Brutish Melon Index
  4. Body Mass Index
College Medical Terms
College Finance
Three of the major stock indexes are;
  1. DJIA, QQQ, T.Rowe
  2. S&P 500, Russel 3000, MGEX
  3. S&P 500, T. Rowe, MGEX
  4. DJIA, S&P 500, Russel 3000
Grade 6 Light and Optics
A UV Index helps people
  1. protect themselves from the effects of the Sun.
  2. measure the amount of light that warms an area.
  3. protect themselves from harmful air pollution.
  4. measure the amount of light that reflects off of objects.
Grade 7 Historical Geology
Index fossils help to match
  1. plants to the animal life that ate them.
  2. sedimentary rocks with igneous rocks formed at the same time.
  3. rock layers from different areas.
  4. alphabetically arranged resources.
Grade 8 Historical Geology
What is an example of an index fossil?
  1. Humans
  2. Trilobites
  3. T-Rex
  4. Jellyfish
Grade 9 Historical Geology
How is an index fossil used?
  1. To determine the exact age of a fossil.
  2. To compare the relative ages of fossils.
  3. To alphabetize fossils.
  4. None of the above
Grade 3 Text Elements
Grade 3 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. index
  2. indecs
  3. indecks
College Medical Terms
Grade 3 Fitness
The Fitnessgram Body Mass Index assess...
  1. Adominal Strength
  2. Body Composition
  3. Aerobic Capacity
  4. All of the above
Grade 4 Library Science
The date when a book was published is called the:
  1. Publisher
  2. Index
  3. Copyright
  4. None
Continuing Education Business Technology
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