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Grade 7 World War II
Which countries were members of the "Axis Powers" in World War II?
  1. Germany, Japan, Russia
  2. Germany, Japan, Soviet Union
  3. Germany, Japan, France
  4. Germany, Japan, Italy
Grade 8 Asian Geography
Grade 2 Local History, Geography, and Culture
Japan is called the
  1. Land of rising waters
  2. Land of the people
  3. Land of the rising sun
  4. Land of the setting sun
Grade 8 WWII
In 1931, what action in the Far East was the forerunner of a war that would involve the U.S. ten years later?
  1. China's invasion of Japan
  2. Korea's invasion of Japan
  3. Russia's invasion of China
  4. Japan's invasion of China
Grade 10 WWII
What three nations made up the Axis powers?
  1. Canada, Britain and France
  2. United States, Japan and Canada
  3. Japan, Germany and France
  4. Germany, Japan and Italy
Grade 8 WWII
Which countries made up the Axis Powers?
  1. Germany, Japan, France
  2. Germany, Italy, Japan
  3. France, Austria, Japan
  4. Great Britain, France, United States
Grade 10 History of Theater

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The progression of theatre in Japan was:
  1. Bunraku, Kabuki, Noh
  2. Noh, Kabuki, Bunraku
  3. Noh, Bunraku, Kabuki
Grade 2 Local History, Geography, and Culture
The National flower of Japan is
  1. Cherry Blossom
  2. White Blossom
  3. Pink Blossom
  4. MIdnight Blossom
Continuing Education Everyday English

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Grade 7 Asian Geography
What is the capital of Japan?
  1. Kyoto
  2. Tokyo
  3. Bangkok
  4. Singapore
Grade 7 Asian History
Most of Japan's people live in crowded urban areas along the
  1. Japan Current
  2. Coastal Plains
  3. Sea of Japan
  4. Ring of Fire
Grade 9 WWII
The U.S. and Japan fought in the
  1. Atlantic Theater
  2. Western Front
  3. Pacific Theater
  4. The Mediterranean
Grade 6 Dynastic China
Grade 5 Asian Geography
Answer the following questions about the main islands of Japan.
__ Which island, Japan's largest, has the capital Tokyo? A. Kyushu
__ The largest population of Ainu live on which island? B. Okinawa
__ Which island is the closest to mainland Asia? C. Honshu
__ Which island, with the second smallest population, is the second smallest? D. Hokkaido
__ Which island, the southernmost, is the smallest? E. Shikoku
Grade 8 Immigration
Which one of the following DID NOT happen as a result of the Treaty of Portsmouth?
  1. Japan received a large cash indemnity.
  2. Japan secured recognition of her influence in Manchuria and Korea.
  3. Japan made some territorial gains.
  4. Japan was given control of a key railroad in Manchuria.
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