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Grade 5 WWII
Japanese prime minister and mastermind of Japanese military.
  1. Adolf Hitler
  2. Hideki Tojo
  3. Joseph Stalin
Grade 5 People and Places
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. Japanese
  2. Japenese
  3. Japinese
Grade 11 WWII
What U.S. action created tension with Japan?
  1. Its blockade of Japanese ports
  2. Its freezing of Japanese assets
  3. Its default on Japanese loans
  4. Its establishment of a trade embargo against Japan
Grade 7 World War II
What was a "Japanese Internment Camp"?
  1. Where the Japanese held their "Prisoners of War"
  2. Where the Japanese trained their soldiers.
  3. A concentration camp where Japanese-Americans were held
  4. None of the Above
Grade 1 Cities, States, and Countries
1-My nationality is Japanese.
  1. I am from Honduras
  2. I am from USA
  3. I am From Japan
Grade 7 Taxonomy
Grade 9 Latin American Geography
Brazil consists mostly of which ethnicity?
  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Asian
  4. Japanese
Grade 7 Taxonomy
Grade 7 Japan
What is the Japanese warrior code?
  1. bushido
  2. samurai
  3. hari-kiri
  4. shogun
Grade 5 Capitalization and Punctuation
Which sentence is NOT punctuated correctly?
  1. Americans shake hands when they meet, but the Japanese bow.
  2. Americans shake hands when they meet; the Japanese bow.
  3. Americans shake hands when they meet; but the Japanese bow.
  4. Americans shake hands when they meet; however, the Japanese bow.
Grade 10 World War II
What most contributed to President Truman’s decision to drop an atomic bomb on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  1. to eliminate the Japanese monarchy
  2. to limit further Japanese losses in the war
  3. to prevent U.S. casualties in an invasion of Japan
Grade 6 WWII
What was the cause of the United States dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?
  1. the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor
  2. the United States was losing in Normandy
  3. the Japanese attempted to bomb Texas
  4. the Japanese had shown they would fight to the last man, woman and child
Grade 2 Oceanography and Hydrology
Pick 3 world oceans.
  1. Pacific
  2. Oceanic
  3. Japanese
  4. Atlantic
  5. Indian
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