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Grade 8 Colonial Period
Who led the British to their first victory during the French & Indian War?
  1. Ben Howard
  2. Howard Johnson
  3. Ben Johnson
  4. William Johnson
Grade 4 Abbreviations and Acronyms
Write the abbreviation.
Mister Robert Johnson
  1. Mrt. Robert Johnson
  2. mr. Robert Johnson
  3. Mr. Robert Johnson
  4. Mr Robert Johnson
Grade 8 Reconstruction
Lincoln and Johnson
  1. both favored "hard" plans for Reconstruction.
  2. differed in their plans for Reconstruction.
  3. both favored lenient plans for Reconstruction.
  4. both received full support from Congress for their Reconstruction plans.
Grade 10 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
James P. Johnson was considered                             
  1. father of stride piano
  2. founder of the piano
  3. father of all jazz musicians
  4. most extraodinaire pianist
Grade 10 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
James P. Johnson died on                        at age                       .
  1. April 4, 1988; 30
  2. November 17, 1955; 61
  3. February 17, 1920; 90
  4. September 21, 1800; 47
Grade 9 Reconstruction
Andrew Johnson's plan for reconstruction of the South was
  1. easier on the South than Lincoln's 10 Percent plan
  2. harsher on the South than Lincoln's Plan
  3. very similar to the Radical Republican plan to punish the South
  4. designed to put Southern Confederates into positions of power in government
Grade 3 Sugar Plum Ballerinas
What is the main character's name?
  1. Sha'Bria' JaNelle Scott-Johnson
  2. Alexandrea Petrakova Johnson
  3. Ms. Coleman
  4. Mr. Caldwell
Grade 10 History of Theater

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Grade 7 Great Depression
Grade 10 Twentieth Century and Modern - 1900-2000
Grade 3 The Presidents
Where was Lyndon B. Johnson sworn in as president?
  1. White House
  2. Camp David
  3. Air Force One
  4. Capital Building
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