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Grade 10 Living a Godly Life
Grade 9 Scientific Methods and Applications
Grade 11 Artificial Intelligence
Knowledge engineers                                
  1. Judge a Turing contest
  2. Design and build expert systems
  3. Design and create databases
  4. Hack systems
Grade 5 Defining Words
Knowledge and experience
  1. invaders
  2. quest
  3. wisdom
  4. yeti
Grade 5 Defining Words
knowledge and experience
  1. pleaded
  2. disappointed
  3. wisdom
  4. glaring
Grade 5 Defining Words
Lack of knowledge
  1. dusk
  2. rural
  3. ignorance
  4. evident
Grade 5 Homonyms
to have information on a topic
  1. knowledge
  2. know
  3. no
Grade 9 Creation and the Fall of Man
Continuing Education Navy
When you assess your workers' job performance, you should look at which of the following areas?
  1. Knowledge, work habits and character
  2. Attitude, knowledge and work habits
  3. Attitude, work habits and character
  4. Attitude, knowledge and character
Grade 11 Artificial Intelligence
In robotics, a knowledge base is...
  1. A general set of rules for all robots to obey, so that no conflict with humans or even between robots is caused.
  2. A base of general knowledge that robots have, generally stored in a chip which can be regularly changed for update, which contains all the necessary knowledge for the robot to understand the actual situation by which he is surrounded.
  3. A base of general knowledge which is gained from experience and from widely known knowledge like those found on books.
  4. A base of knowledge created by a robot from the experience he goes gaining.
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
What is knowledge engineer
  1. people who is discovering the human brain structure
  2. group of people who hacks other computers
  3. Computer programmers, construct the expert system
  4. teachers for IT
Grade 11 Technology
What is a knowledge base?
  1. It is a collection of technology-related definitions
  2. It is a database of basic information
  3. It is a type of software that answers mathematical questions
  4. It is a database of knowledge management
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