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Grade 7 Diet and Nutrition
Grade 5 Spelling
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. labal
  2. label
  3. labul
None Medical Practices
Containers used for blood of other specimens must be labeled                                               
  1. At the nurses station
  2. Pre- label it in the med room
  3. Label it in the presence of the patient
  4. Ask another nurse to label when if you are busy
Grade 2 STEM Words
Continuing Education Cosmetology
Grade 8 Synonyms CCSS: CCRA.R.4, RI.8.4

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Grade 6 Library Science
When filing a book, you should always put the books
  1. Down with the spine label up
  2. Up with the spine label down
  3. Upside down
  4. Inside out
Grade 12 Daily Living Skills
Identify the best type of container for storage of both large and small items throughout the home.
  1. see through containers with easy to read labels
  2. color coded containers for each section of the home
  3. see through containers with numbered labels corresponding to master list
  4. cardboard containers that are easy to label
Grade 8 Defining Words
For biology class the students dissected the frog or...
  1. Cut the frog
  2. Labeled the frog
  3. Replaced the frog
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