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Grade 12 Medical Terms
Which healthcare professional is allowed to give bowel aids when ordered by a physician?
  1. licensed nursing assistant
  2. licensed nurse
  3. licensed physical therapist
  4. none of the above
Continuing Education Driving and Road Safety
Continuing Education Driving and Road Safety
Continuing Education Driving and Road Safety
Grade 9 Commercial Driving
Graduated driver licensing programs
  1. usually are completed in three licensing stages,
  2. are conducted worldwide
  3. have resulted in fewer collisions among young drivers
  4. all of the above
Grade 8 Frequently Misspelled Words
Which word is spelled correctly?
  1. license
  2. lisense
  3. liscence
  4. licents
Grade 4 Frequently Misspelled Words
Choose the correct spelling word.
  1. licisne
  2. license
  3. liccense
  4. licens
None Medical Practices
A code of ethics includes which of the following?
  1. Rules and an oath
  2. Rules and a standard of conduct
  3. Licensing procedures and an oath
  4. Licensing procedures and a standard of conduct
College Public Safety
The agency that assigns and licenses radio frequencies is the
  1. Federal Communications Commission
  2. Department of Environmental Quality
  3. U.S. Department of Transportation
  4. State EMS Office
Grade 11 Applied Arts
Grade 4 US Government
What do you have to fill out in order to be registered to vote?
  1. Drivers License
  2. Voter's Registration Application
Grade 12 Cosmetology
All state requires Barbers and Cosmetologist to be?
  1. shampooing
  2. licensed
  3. positions
  4. none of the above
Grade 5 Modern Europe
Who was the first woman to receive a pilot's license?
  1. Jerrie Mock
  2. Amelia Earhart
  3. √Člisabeth Thible
  4. Raymonde de Laroche
Grade 12 Driving and Road Safety
Grade 10 Public Safety
Driving without a license can cost you _______________.
  1. 1st convictions - up to $200 fine
  2. 2nd conviction in one year - $25-$200 fine
  3. 3rd Convition in one year $25-$500 fine and 72 hrs to 6 months in jail or both.
  4. It is a felony to drive without a driver licence and can go to prison
  5. A, B, and C.
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