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Grade 8 Tectonics
Earthquakes can occur when which of the following is passed?
  1. tension limit
  2. seismic unit
  3. elastic limit
  4. shear limit
Grade 9 Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
A limiting factor that depends on population size is a                                  .
  1. size limiting factor
  2. prediction limiting factor
  3. completion limiting factor
  4. density-dependent limiting factor
Grade 10 Stoichiometry
In the reaction [math]A + B rarr C + D[/math], if element B is in excess, then
  1. element A is the limiting reactant.
  2. element B is the limiting reactant.
  3. element C is the limiting reactant.
  4. element D is the limiting reactant.
Grade 9 Economics
The problem of scarcity is caused by                                        .
  1. unlimited wants and limited resources.
  2. limited wants and unlimited resources.
  3. unlimited wants and unlimited resources.
  4. limited wants and limited resources.
Grade 10 Culinary Skills
Grade 4 Context Clues
To exceed the speed limit is to:
  1. drive faster than the speed limit is to
  2. drive at a safe speed
  3. post the speed limit on a sign
  4. be aware of the speed limit
Grade 11 Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
To limit bacteria in the kitchen
  1. Wash your work surfaces and utensils in hot water before use.
  2. Wash tops of cans before opening them.
  3. Use a clean spoon to taste food while cooking.
  4. All of the above
Grade 5 Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
Which is NOT a limiting factor?
  1. temperature
  2. soil type
  3. water
  4. pets
Grade 7 Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
What is a limiting factor?
  1. any part of the living environment that influences whether or not an organism survives
  2. any part of the living and nonliving environment that influences whether or not an organism survives
  3. any part of the nonliving environment that influences whether or not an organism survives
  4. a mountain, ocean, river, or other landform that blocks an organism from moving to another ecosystem
College Speech and Voice Disorders
Structural limitations refere to                             
  1. Velopharyngeal Incompetency
  2. Velopharnygeal mislearning
  3. Velopharyngeal Insufficiency
Grade 9 World History
What are the limitations of magnetometers?
  1. They need to be mounted to a truck.
  2. They will not work through hard clay.
  3. Not everything has a magnetic signature.
  4. Items with strong magnetic fields can hide items with lesser fields.
Grade 5 Defining Words
limiting or controlling something
  1. checking
  2. bounding
  3. picturing
  4. frantic
Grade 8 Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
Grade 11 Nervous and Endocrine Systems
College Medical Terms
2.the statute of limitations refers to
  1. amount of time it takes to go to trial
  2. the amount of time someone has to file a lawsuit
  3. the sentencing given in a lawsuit
  4. all the above
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