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Grade 4 Context Clues
"I like to listen to the birds chirping." What best describes the word "listen"?
  1. to try to hear a sound
  2. to imitate a sound
  3. to look for something intently
  4. to wonder about something
Grade 3 Verbs
Grade 9 English as a Second Language ESL
Grade 8 Subject-Verb Agreement
None Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
Showing empathy is an important part of:
  1. Passive listening
  2. Aggressive listening
  3. Assertive listening
  4. Active listening
College Communication Skills and Public Speaking
What is the anxiety we feel about listening?
  1. Listening apprehension
  2. Listening
  3. Passive listening
  4. Active listening
None Psychology
Paying close attention to what someone is saying and communicating is called:
  1. active listening
  2. passive listening
  3. polite listening
  4. aggressive listening
Grade 8 Subject-Verb Agreement
Grade 7 Sentence Structure
Identify the complete predicate of the sentence.

I like listening to the iPod.
  1. like listening
  2. like listening to
  3. like listening to the iPod
  4. to the iPod
None Pronunciation Skills

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  1. /d/
  2. /t/
  3. /id/
Grade 9 Rhetoric and Propaganda
College Emotional, Social, and Mental Health
Active listening is
  1. Listening to the patient with head phones on
  2. Participating in a conversation by means of repeating words and phrases
  3. Listening, but looking away form the patient
Continuing Education Business Technology
Grade 9 Communication Skills and Public Speaking
Active listening is:
  1. Expressing in your own words that someone said
  2. Agreeing with someone and building on their idea
  3. A listening strategy that includes physical and verbal involvement on the part of the listener
  4. None of the above
Grade 9 Rhetoric and Propaganda
Active listeners listen for the                  when another person is speaking
  1. vocabulary ideas
  2. beginning ideas
  3. difficult ideas
  4. central ideas
Grade 9 Communication Skills and Public Speaking
A passive listener:
  1. Sits or stand alertly
  2. Is attentive but does nothing to assist the speaker
  3. Makes verbal responses
  4. Maintains eye contact with the speaker
Grade 9 Rhetoric and Propaganda
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