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Grade 6 Defining Words
The definition of literature is:
  1. another time
  2. any kind of printed material, as books, magazines, circulars, leaflets
  3. elements of the natural world, as mountains, trees, animals, or rivers
Grade 7 Theme
In literature, a purpose of THEME is:
  1. to give readers a better understanding of the main character’s conflicts and experiences
  2. to give readers a better understanding of the minor character's conflicts and experiences
  3. to give readers a better understanding of the main character’s background
  4. to give readers a better understanding of the main character’s appearance
Grade 7 Modern Europe
Which of the Nobel Prizes is awarded in Oslo, Norway?
  1. Peace
  2. Chemistry
  3. Literature
  4. Mathmatics
Grade 7 Theme
In literature, we define THEME as:
  1. A specific message that applied to one story only
  2. The message the author makes that can be applied to other texts too
  3. The attitude the author has toward a subject
  4. The setting of the story
Grade 10 Figurative Language
Grade 6 Medieval Europe
Norse literature is called what?
  1. lays
  2. epics
  3. sagas
  4. cycles
Grade 12 Identifying Genre
Which is not an example of oral literature?
  1. myths
  2. praise poems
  3. hymn
  4. proverb
Grade 9 World History
During a society's golden age, the people are interested in
  1. Medicine
  2. Mathematics
  3. Literature
  4. All of the above
Grade 12 African-American Literature
A theme common to African literature is:
  1. assimilation
  2. civil wars
  3. language conflicts
  4. immigration
Grade 7 Figurative Language
Grade 12 Fahrenheit 451
What literature did Montag preserve?
  1. War and Peace
  2. Book of Ecclesiastes
  3. Constitution of the United States
  4. Shakespeare's plays
Grade 10 Identifying Genre CCSS: CCRA.R.5, RL.9-10.5
Which is not considered an element of Gothic Literature?
  1. An atmosphere of mystery and suspense
  2. High, even overwrought emotion
  3. Supernatural or otherwise inexplicable events
  4. An emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending
Grade 7 Story Elements
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