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Grade 10 Map Components
Longitude lines:
  1. run east and west of the Equator
  2. run north and south of the Prime Meridian
  3. meet at the poles
  4. have a maximum of 90 degrees
Grade 8 Themes of Geography
Lines of longitude are
  1. Imaginary lines that run east to west
  2. Imaginary lines that run north-south
Grade 4 Map Components
The lines of longitude                                 
  1. Look like the letter H
  2. measures distance north or south
  3. measures distance east or west
  4. show maps
Grade 4 Map Components
Grade 4 Themes of Geography
Latitude and longitude are used to...
  1. locate rivers and lakes
  2. understand map symbols
  3. help find specific locations
Grade 12 Themes of Geography
Longitude runs                                  and measures                                 .
  1. north and south, north and south
  2. north and south, east and west
  3. east and west, north and south
  4. east and west, east and west
Grade 2 Map Components
Grade 4 STEM Words
Choose the correct spelling.
  1. logitude
  2. loggitude
  3. longitude
Grade 8 Geography
Lines of longitude are also known as
  1. parallels.
  2. meridians.
Grade 9 Themes of Geography
Grade 4 Map Components
Grade 7 Themes of Geography
Grade 7 Themes of Geography
Locating or being located; position; place
  1. equator
  2. location
  3. longitude
  4. latitude
Grade 7 Map Components
A person who makes maps.
  1. map
  2. longitude
  3. cartographer
  4. equator
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