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Grade 3 Subject-Verb Agreement
Grade 4 Tenses CCSS: CCRA.L.1, L.4.1, L.4.1b
I                       you for eternity.
  1. will love
  2. will be loving
  3. will have loved
  4. will have been loving
Grade 12 Teachings of the Bible
Grade 9 Subject-Verb Agreement
My mother (love) to (see) ancient temples.
  1. loves, see
  2. loves, sees
  3. love, see
  4. love, sees
Continuing Education Parts of Speech
Grade 4 Writing
  1. body
  2. closing
  3. greeting
  4. heading
  5. signature
None Nouns

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  1. person
  2. place
  3. thing
  4. animal
  5. idea
Grade 12 Living a Godly Life
Grade 11 Writing
Guess the song title.

  1. Crazy in Love
  2. Love Me Tender
  3. Love Story
  4. I Will Always Love You
Grade 8 Microbiology
What are types of Archaebacteria? (Select all that apply.)
  1. methane-producing
  2. pepper-loving
  3. salt-loving
  4. heat-loving
Grade 10 French Revolution
  1. love for ones country
  2. love for ones family
  3. love for another mans family
  4. no love at all
Grade 9 Romeo and Juliet
Romeo thinks love is rough. Mercutio thinks love
  1. is tender.
  2. brings joy.
  3. comes easily.
  4. leads to marriage.
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