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Grade 6 Range, Median, Mean, and Mode CCSS: 6.SP.A.3
Grade 9 Atmosphere
Grade 4 Waves and Sound
Grade 4 Democratic Foundations
The Constitution is the
  1. lowest law.
  2. same law.
  3. highest law.
Grade 8 Waves and Sound
Grade 7 Performance and Listening
The lowest male voice in a choir:
  1. Tenor
  2. Soprano
  3. Bass
  4. Alto
Grade 11 Quadratic Equations and Expressions
Continuing Education Cosmetology
The lowest level of contamination control is
  1. sterilization
  2. disinfection
  3. sanitation
  4. stagnation
Grade 6 Atmosphere
The temperature is the lowest in which layer?
  1. Ozone
  2. Mesosphere
  3. Troposphere
  4. Exosphere
Grade 8 Anatomical Organization
Choose the lowest level of organization.
  1. system
  2. tissue
  3. cell
  4. organism
  5. organ
Grade 7 Performance and Listening
The lowest female voice in a choir is:
  1. Soprano
  2. Alto
  3. Bass
  4. Tenor
Grade 9 Middle Eastern Geography
What is the lowest point on earth
  1. Mount Everest
  2. The Dead Sea
  3. Death Valley
  4. Grand Canyon
Grade 5 Waves and Sound
Grade 8 Waves and Sound
What is the lowest point called?
  1. trough
  2. amplitude
  3. crest
  4. compression
Continuing Education Cosmetology
A Master stylist is
  1. the lowest paid stylist in the salon.
  2. the middle tier stylist in the salon.
  3. the lowest level of stylist in the salon.
  4. typically the highest-ranking stylist in the salon.
Grade 9 Planetary Motion
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